So You Received a Document At Your Home Address?

We try our best to keep all of your business mail forwarding to your business address, which then gets delivered to the advertising team you're working with. Sometimes, banks, processors, or government agencies will mess up and automatically send them to your home address.

What are these documents?
Commonly these documents are 1 of 3 things:

1. Notifications from the state that your corporations need to be renewed or that quarterly filings are due.
2. Chargeback or refund notifications that your customer service team has already handled. 
3. Bank Statements or notifications. 

What do I need to do?

Nothing! We have already programmed your companies to have all notifications from the state to banks down to the customers and credit card companies deliver these statements to your advertising partner electronically. It is likely, almost definite, that the notice you received has already been handled. The corps have already been renewed, the filings are complete, the refund or chargeback was already issued to the customer, or we already have a copy of the bank statements needed for accounting.

With this said, and to bring you ease, we welcome you to scan or take a picture of the notification you received and send it to us at One of our team members will verify with your advertising partner that this issue has been resolved and will notify afterwards. 

We appreciate your patience with this. We understand certain unexpected notifications can be jarring and ask that you first trust that we have handled the situation. As with people, Companies aren't perfect and at times use the wrong mailing address. We work hard to correct this every time it occurs. 


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