Will My Credit Be Harmed By Opening My Own Businesses?

The short answer here is: No.

Opening businesses and conducting business will not harm your credit. Actually, being able to show that you own successful businesses and solid merchant processing will HELP increase your credit worthiness which is used for many non liquid monetary benefits. Please contact our team to discuss how this can benefit you through leveraging loans, mortgages, and increased credit card limits. 

With this said, you are opening your own businesses that require merchant processing. Like with any other type of loan, even though this is not a cash or credit loan, they are lending you "Processing Power", or the ability to sell a certain amount online monthly. In order to check that you qualify, some processors will pull a soft or hard credit check on every merchant. This is NEVER M2N Directly! These pulls typically disappear after 3 months and can be erased from your credit through other means. They also are usually only a few points.

If you're concerned whether a certain check was part of your new business ventures please feel free to ask our team and we will clarify. Message support@m2nikn.com. 

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