When Do I Start Getting Paid?

This question can be tricky because payment is based on two criteria:

1. Do you have merchant processing yet?
2. Have you successfully opened your business bank accounts?

You or your referrals will be paid either 30 days after the opening of their first MID (merchant processing account), or 60 days after the successful opening of you (their) business bank accounts - whichever comes first

The definition of successfully opening your bank accounts means you have them opened, with voided checks in (with the name of your businesses and business addresses) as well as debit cards, RSA devices, and whatever else is needed to completely use your bank accounts to conduct business. 

If you're wondering where you are in this process please look in your ZenDesk user profile. If you cannot find it there, please contact your referral partner or us directly at support@m2nikn.com.


*Please note the speed and success of opening your MIDS largely depends on your effectiveness at getting us the required documents needed to apply and maintaining those documents monthly. Payments can be stopped or withheld if documents are not maintained until no longer needed.*

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