Opening Bank Guidelines - Chase

  1. Print out EIN & Articles of Incorporation for each business & take to the bank appointment.
  2. Type of Accounts- Opening two Chase Performance Business Checking Accounts- Any fees associated with the terms of this specific account choice are fine. Opening an account for each product being sold- Summary Sheets indicate which corporation sells which products.
  3. Type of Corps- You have C-Corps & are 100% sole owner & President.
  4. The Type of Business- Online Retail Sales (Shopify)
  5. Primary Address & Mailing Address on Business Bank Accounts- The primary address & mailing address on both bank accounts is my Home Address. The boxes of checks must have my business mailing address (Your Virtual Office Address) on them, not my home address.
  6. Boxes of Checks- Order a box of checks for each account (small box/ least expensive) MAIL CHECKS TO MY HOME ADDRESS- Put the full business name & business address on these checks.

Double check that the business name & address put on the boxes of checks MATCHES EXACTLY WHAT IS ON MY EIN & ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION.  I need these checks to be accurate for the Merchant Processor Applications.

  1. Debit Cards- Need a debit card for both of my accounts. Have them mailed to my home address.  Use the same pin for both cards. DO NOT NEED CREDIT CARDS FOR THESE ACCOUNTS-
  2. Online Banking- Set up online banking for both accounts. Ask the banker if they can link the accounts at the appointment.  If they can, link them at the appointment using the same user name & password for both accounts.  If they can’t link them, create different UN/PW for each account. The primary email & phone number for each of my accounts are my business email & business phone (Reference Summary Sheets for business email & phone number) Do not put my personal email & phone number as the primary contact information on the business accounts.
  3. Bank documents I need for Merchant Processing Apps
    1) Account Summary; 1-page Document (for each account) If no Account Summary is printed, have them print- Deposit Account Balance Summary.
    2) Bank Depository Certificate; 2-page Document (for each account)
    3) Complimentary checks for each account (The checks just need my business name & can have home or business address on them.  Doesn’t matter.)
  4. Funding the Accounts- $50 in each account. Will speak with my accountant about fully funding & from which of my investment accounts.  Will be fully funded by end of week.
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