First Step: Upfront Documents Required

In order to move as swiftly as possible in the startup of your new business(s), we will need a set of documents from you. The following are documents needed in order to fully process your application.

(Please note: M2N will NOT be pulling your credit. Your credit may be pulled by Merchant Processors upon setup of your account, but never directly pulled by M2N. See questions about your credit being pulled under the Category "Commonly Asked Questions".)

1. Proof of Identification: This is commonly your Drivers License or Passport

2. Proof of Income: Two Most Recent Year's Tax Returns (or proof of extension)

3. Secondary Proof of Income/Stability: Three (3) Most Recent Month's Personal Bank Statements

4. Proof of Address: Most commonly a Utility Bill, Lease, Mortgage, or Car/Health Insurance Card.

5: Proof of Phone Number: Most Recent Month’s Phone Bill (family plans/work plans are accepted. We understand that the address on your plan might not match your home address and in this case please specify as to why, ie "I'm on a family plan".)

6. Proof of Credit: Screenshot of your Credit Score/FICO Score (most personal banking sites and credit card sites offer free access to this otherwise Experian does as well.)

7. Master Service Agreement (MSA): This is the contract between you and your M2N approved affiliate partner. For more questions regarding this agreement please contact us directly. 


All documents may be submitted directly to us through our HIPPA secured Zendesk Portal (by creating an account here if you have not yet) or by emailing:, subject "Name, Required Documents, Date" where they will be received through our HIPPA secured portal. 


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